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Kosmforyou 3 Pairs of Gloves Hand Mask Nourishing and Soothing Pack with Organic Aloe Vera, Snail Slime and Calendula.

Kosmforyou 3 Pairs of Gloves Hand Mask Nourishing and Soothing Pack with Organic Aloe Vera, Snail Slime and Calendula.


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Hand wrap mask designed to give dry and chapped skin a unique beauty treatment.
Enriched with soothing active ingredients, such as organic calendula extract, bisabolol, organic chamomile water and organic aloe vera juice, in synergy with snail slime, they give the skin a pleasant softness.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice is the mucilaginous juice contained in the internal parenchymal tissues of the leaves of Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) and obtained by cold pressing. It mainly consists of polysaccharides, partly acetylated and partly non-acetylated, containing D-glucose and D-mannose. Minor constituents, but of great importance are phytosterols (cholesterol, campesterol and 3-sitosterol), vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and amino acids. Aloe juice forms a protective film on the skin, which allows it to perform the function of an excellent moisturizing agent. Traditionally, healing and soothing properties are attributed to Aloe.
Organic Marigold Extract
Calendula Extract is obtained from the flowers of Calendula officinalis, a herbaceous plant belonging to the Esteraceae family. It is rich in triterpenes, flavonoids, polysaccharides, carotenes and phytosterols. The marked soothing properties are to be attributed to the non-saponifiable component composed of flavonoids and mucilages. Due to the presence of carotenes, Calendula Officinalis Extract is also indicated as a protection against damage caused by solar radiation. The active ingredients contained in calendula extract, in particular flavonoids, exert an anti-inflammatory effect on sensitive and inflamed skin, stimulate re-epithelialization, accelerate epidermal turn-over and promote the activity of dermal fibroblasts by promoting the synthesis of collagen.
Bisabolol is a monocyclic natural sesquiterpene alcohol that is obtained by distilling chamomile essential oil or by chemical synthesis. Mainly used for its soothing and anti-redness properties, it also performs depigmenting action by interrupting the cascade of cAMP signaling (cyclic AMP), normally activated by a-MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone).
Organic Chamomile Water
Chamomile hydrolate (or chamomile water) is obtained by steam distillation of flowers and is the secondary product of the production of essential oil; it is a clear and colorless liquid, with a floral scent and a sweet taste reminiscent of honey. Chamomile hydrolate is used to soothe redness, skin irritation, even in children. Chamomile hydrolate is also used in the cosmetic treatment of sensitive or irritated skin.
Snail drool
The Helix Aspersa snail produces a mucous membrane (the snail's mucopolysaccharide, commonly called "drool") composed of active substances such as allantoin, glycolic acid, elastin, collagen and some vitamins and proteins that are very useful for regenerating the skin. In particular, Collagen Moisturizes and nourishes, glycolic acid, stimulates the formation of collagen making the skin radiant. While vitamins and proteins promote oxygenation of the skin, ensuring hydration and performing an antioxidant and healing action. Snail drool therefore has multiple properties: it moisturizes dry skin and counteracts the signs of skin aging.

1- Open the envelope.
2- Wear gloves on previously washed and dried hands.
3- Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
4- Remove the support and massage the residual product until completely absorbed.
5- It does not require rinsing.

Cosmetic product for external use.
Some slight variations in color do not represent alteration of the product but indicate its naturalness.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep in a cold and dry place.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.



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